Pasta Montefeltro

Fresh pasta, exclusively handmade. The fillings are made with prime quality ingredients. They are prepared and kneaded by hand, then processed with a pastry bag to avoid altering the quality or modifying the flavors and nutritional properties.


Fresh pasta, machine worked and packaged keeping catering needs in mind. The diverse fillings, made with prime quality ingredients, can be paired with the many of our various pasta shapes.


Fresh pasta, machine worked using only prime quality ingredients in accordance with the vegan philosophy.


All of our products are also available in a Gluten-Free version through our Glutenò line, guaranteeing everyone the pleasure of tasting our dishes. Rich in mineral salts and suitable for all types of diets, our gluten-free products are light and highly digestible, made with legumes, cereals and natural fibers that have no gluten in nature. They can also be produced without Lactose.


Griffati is our selection of precious fillings that make our pasta original and refined. Through the expert hands of young chefs we create unique flavors and fragrances using only excellent ingredients from our territory. We create products with a new and unique taste, while staying true to our great passion and tradition.


First courses prepared by hand, pre-cooked in microwavable single portions or deep-frozen in pan portions to be baked in a traditional oven.


Crescia Sfogliata of Urbino, Piadina, and Cascioni, which is prepared with the dough of the piadina and stuffed with the various fillings. These typical Marchigiani and Romagnoli products are quick meals made using prime quality ingredients that come from our territory.

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